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The M-VRE documentation is currently under construction !!!

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The main goal of the M-VRE project is to provide novel methods and software tools for the MOSAiC consortium, the global climate community, and the general public for efficiently exploring, analysing, and visualizing MOSAiC data in an online and user-friendly manner. This enables scientists to exploit large, complex, and heterogeneous data sets to answer fundamental research questions of the MOSAiC expedition, connected to the overarching goal of the identification of reasons and consequences of changing and shrinking sea ice cover. To achieve this, a web-based data analysis and exploitation environment, a so-called "virtual research environment (VRE)", has been developed as part of the AWI cloud infrastructure. The collaborative and reproducible online analysis of MOSAiC data opens up new possibilities in climate research and increases the visibility and usability of the MOSAiC mission. The VRE offers online data analysis (e.g. quality control, interpolation), exploration (data cubes), and visualization (maps, scatter plots, time series, section plots and more) of MOSAiC data as well as automated data quality control through Deep Learning methods.